Fixed Network

We conduct the full range of activities on fixed networks throughout the network lifecycle. From tender development and vendor selection through high-level and low-level design to deployment and acceptance.  Globally operators are rapidly increasing their deployments of FTTx as customers demand increased capacity.  This, combined with the reality of fixed – mobile convergence (FMC) means that these networks must be integrated into a unified platform. Some of the services that we offer include:


  1. IP network architecture design
  2. FTTx – Planning, design and rollout
  3. Optical network engineering – SDH and DWDM
  4. Sub-contractor management
  5. Backhaul design for mobile networks – optical and microwave
  6. Network Evolution Strategy

Our Approach

We take an holistic view to transforming legacy networks.  As networks around the world go through the process of converging and evolving we can assist throughout the process to ensure that the plans are realisable, supervise the evolution and deployment and ensure that they a correctly tested and accepted.  The overarching process is shown below:


Typical Projects


Deployment of network inventory solution​

  • We created a centralised inventory solution for Telenor’s BRAIN program – involving the swap of current mobile infrastructure and Roll-out of the national LTE network.
  • Coordination with Tekenor’s management team for the swap program and site inventory
  • Review existing inventory processes for gaps
  • Process development for efficient inventory data collection
  • Assessment of existing inventory data for completeness and consistency
  • Coordination with network vendor for data capture of installed equipment and related forms and templates
  • Data processing of existing inventory data and performing data cleansing and removal of duplications
  • Review proposed architecture for centralised network inventory platform and related integration issues
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Upgrade of National IP Core with MPLS​

  • Network Planning and Implementation management for phase out of the ATM network and deployment of MPLS interfaces across all Core and Edge routers.
  • Strategy for resiliency and redundancy for all core traffic through establishment of back up MPLS routes with predetermined round trip delays.
  • Preparation of MPLS related design works as well as all related tender documents, evaluation and vendor negotiations.
  • Provision of technical expert advice to the customer including engineering design reviews, on-site supervision and network acceptance.