Mobile Networks

We work end-to-end in the mobile network; from developing the initial plan, technology strategy and network design through rollout, optimisation and acceptance.

We work on all contemporary standards with all major vendors equipment. So for example we are designing the LTE network for a major operator in Thailand and we are responsible for some of the largest network modernisation programmes in places such as Indonesia.




In all these projects we orchestrate an array of partners in the mobile eco-system and are working hard to bring tangible innovation using contemporary methods based on mobile measurement reports. Some of the services we provide include:

  1. Initial business planning and scenario analysis
  2. Tender preparation and evaluation
  3. Network Planning
  4. Refarming/spectrum carving
  5. LTE planning, design and layer management
  6. Network optimisation
  7. Rollout of new networks and network modernisation


Our Approach

Maintaining network performance whilst upgrading, modernising or evolving a mobile network is fraught with hazards.  We focus on de-risking the task and have a wide array of domain experts who can help.  So typically we are brought in when re-farming needs to be done, or LTE rolled out. We make sure that there is a consistent approach from end-to-end so that customer experience is preserved and enhanced.

Typical Projects


Strategy, Planning and Design of an LTE Network

  • Reviewed the overal network plan and ensured that it aligned with business strategy
  • Reviewed all the vendors plans in detail; from the propagation models, link budgets and nominal plans to the implementation plans and feature roadmaps.
  • Consult in the PMO to ensure that concurrent projects align and that the roadmaps were coherent with the service offerings
  • Developed and reviewed the layer strategy from 2g to 3g and LTE
  • Linked regional offices to assure and improve network performance nationwide


Network Modernisation, Rollout and Refarm

  • Retained to supervise the modernisation programme across one of the fastest growing countries in the region
  • Supervise all vendors, ensuring that their plans are delivered on, whilst maintaining network performance
  • Supervise the massive task of site surveys and check both technical and project plans
  • Coordinating and consulting on the refarm programmes for all vendors