Defence & Security Sector

The Norconsult Telematics Defence & Security (NT D&S) sector is a professional consultancy provider delivering an advanced spectrum of services; ranging from complete military acquisition program support to providing specialized expertise and competency through tailored services and advice to specific projects.  Our services are based on the unique combination of extensive strategic defence and military operational understanding, and advanced experience from procurement and integration of complex military systems.

We have been working closely with the Armed Forces in a number of countries for a long time.

We have a long history in the defence sector and remain a trusted provider of unbiased and competent services to defence ministries, militaries, law enforcement agencies, crisis response organizations and other defence and security organizations.  We have been working closely with the Armed Forces in a number of countries for a long time, and we have a consistent record of trustworthiness, confidentiality and success both within NATO and with non-aligned countries.


Our assignments and tasks have mainly been related to strategic, defence, military and security advice, and to architecture and program management support for development, procurement or modernization of advanced Command & Control, CIS and C4ISTAR systems at all levels of command.  The scope of assignments includes joint and tactical Communications and Information Systems, Air Defence Systems, Electronic Warfare Systems, Sensor Systems, Border Control Systems and hardened structures; as well as concepts development, transformation and integration related to new military concepts and the implementation of enhanced technologies.

The definition of new capabilities or changes to existing capabilities often involves complex concepts development and acquisition processes. We offer multi-discipline consultancy teams with excellent expertise and leadership skills delivering integrated:

 Strategic, Defence and Military Advice Services.

 Leadership and Governance Services.

 Overarching  and Enterprise Architecture Services.

 Portfolio, Programs and Projects Services.

 Engineering and Software Services.

 Security and Cyber Services.

Norconsult Telematics Defence & Security is well respected by its clients and known for having a good security portfolio ensuring that the clients’ security requirements are followed and adhered to at all times, and we guarantee that all client interests are treated with confidentiality and that the advice/services delivered are totally unbiased and independent and based on high competence and experience.