John Greenhorn
John GreenhornGroup CEO

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Norconsult Telematics is proud to be a key professional services contributor to both Defence and Telecommunication sectors. Both sectors are leading the way to boundless possibilities in technology evolution.

The Defence sector is becoming more and more critical as a foundation to improve the lives of many and also the global economy.

Telecommunications have become an integral part of our everyday lives and will become even more so as we move towards the certainty of the uncertain. Our services set us apart in this sector with a wider and unique range of Technical, Operational and Open Innovation – all driven by a talented and dedicated team.

Our mission is simple; To provide our clients with optimum value Services through advanced Project Management and Engineering Solutions that positively transform the way their businesses perform.

This philosophy has been embraced by all business units and at all levels within Norconsult Telematics. From Consultants who listen and address customer queries, our technology teams to our sales staff and management.

We set our customers at the heart of all we do. We aim to support the transformation of both defence and telecommunications as we know them and help enable the shared vision of our customers.

I am grateful for the trust and belief placed in us by our stakeholders, customers, business partners, investors, employees and the community. We are truly committed by their trust to deliver on promise and customer satisfaction.