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Advisory Services and Management Consultancy 

Governments are engaging in transformation programs as the economic, social and political environment is evolving. These transformation programs are impacting the interaction and delivery of government services to both business and citizens. Norconsult global experience in advisory services and especially in digital transformation, working closely with the government agencies aim to support these transformation programs and help deliver the services to the public. Our bespoke service offerings include strategy advisory, program management, process reform, and organizational and technology transformation.

Service offerings:


·   Designing bespoke transformation programs incorporating scalability, and sustainability

·   Designing programs to maximize long-term impact through robust performance monitoring plans and strategies

·   Development of processes and procedures to optimize performance and support automation

·   Undertaking scoping studies and developing business cases that will meet project objectives and maximize value for money

·   Establishment of PMO to oversee transformation programs and ensure achievement of performance indicators