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Construction Management

Our construction management of national grid expansions (sub-stations, transmission and distribution) involves clearly defined phases including: Pre-Construction, Design, Materials procurement, Construction and Testing. For each phase NT methodology details processes for continuous monitoring of the material supply activities and construction milestones as agreed with client and the construction contractors. The aim is to monitor and report regularly to client’s management the status of construction progress and related milestones. At the outset of the project, our project team customizes the procedures to the client’s working environment. These include processes for design reviews, construction planning, milestone tracking and all associated testing and construction validation hold points.


We provide weekly/monthly construction management progress report containing a narrative description of all activities performed within the reporting week/month, a summary of all construction milestones, expenditure cost analysis and forecast against actual spend, and project status report indicating plan and actual percentage completion.


Our construction management also includes processing and recommending payment of monthly invoices (including material and construction), invoices of work covered by change orders or amendments and invoices for final payment as submitted by the Construction Contractors. Our Cost management staff review and ensure that the work represented by the invoices are completed in accordance with Construction Contracts, and recommend invoice payments to client’s management accordingly.