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Construction Supervision and QA

NT’s construction supervision and QA includes the following main activities:


·   Maintain Quality Control Procedures for the installation of the contracted elements and monitor all construction activities in line with quality Control Procedures to ensure     that workmanship conform to the client’s standards. 

·   Based on agreed governance, inform Construction Contractors of rejection of any work or the materials not in conformance with the Construction Contract or any of the         standards there in. NT Project Manager tracks any work or material that do not conform to the Construction Contracts. NT shall ensure that all construction, power and           functional tests are conducted in accordance with the agreed procedures.  

·   NT supervision team monitor Construction Contractor’s loss prevention program in conjunction with the client’s Loss Prevention Procedure. Prior to the construction, NT         reviews the Contractor’s  Construction methods and techniques, and assess for safety and co- ordination. The approved construction method is then monitored for quality     and integrity throughout the course of Construction.

·   Similarly and if applicable, NT reviews the outage requirements proposed by the Construction Contractors. Our project team shall process outage request and follow up         approval of outage request with client’s management. During the outage, our project team assigned resources shall be present at Work Site until the work is complete.