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NT has for many years provided consultancy services in support of the acquisition of complex military defence systems.   The type of support provided has been customised, based on our own best practice and the exact requirement of the Client.  Typically NT have provided support from the initial stages of concept definition, through defining User, System and Test requirements to ultimately supporting final system acceptance.


A key foundation of NT experience is in the domain of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), where we have been instrumental in supporting Client needs in the areas of concept design, specification, solution design, implementation, and testing of C4ISR systems to several members of the NATO Alliance, to NATO itself, and to several clients in the Middle East.


Our defence projects include elements of nationwide electronic warfare, telecommunications, sensor systems, hardened infrastructure facilities, mobile platforms and satellite communication systems. Our in-depth experience from working with defence structures and procedures in both national and multinational environments ensures successful and timely execution of any military command, control and communications project.


Our consultants have in-depth expertise in all the fields required for developing national and multinational C4ISR systems, throughout the many engineering phases:


·  Operations (land, air, navy, and joint operations)

·  Development of Concept of Operations

·  Requirements Definition; the formulation of User, System and Design Requirements.

·  Procurement Management (development of Requests for Proposals (RFPs), evaluation of proposals, and contract negotiations)

·  Deployment Management and Supervision (supervision of implementation and testing)

·  Training & Logistics Support (Training Needs Analysis and Logistic Support Analysis)