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Deployment Management & Supervision

Deployment Management and Supervision


Large scale expansion of telecommunication networks and deployment of new services constitute complex and challenging projects, from a technical as well as a management perspective. Core to our approach is establishment of the project plan in coordination with client and the Vendor(s) which will baseline the delivery schedule. The plan will take as inputs the contracted scope, deliverables and responsibilities which will be reflected as commitments and targets in Time, Cost and Quality for all Project stakeholders.


In this regard, our Deployment Management team define program elements and Work Breakdown Structure needed to produce the deliverables, determining the order in which the elements must be executed. Estimating the amount of time required to accomplish each one, identifying significant milestones during the performance period of the program, and documenting the outcome.


The interdependencies between the constituent projects and work packages will also be reflected and managed in the master deployment plan. The initial management tasks for the NT team are:


·  Work with the Vendor to verify the Project schedule and baseline.

·  Enable timely, accurate and complete tracking of status using appropriate measure and common processes.

·  Establish interfaces to appropriate levels and responsibilities, defining and agreeing on Responsibility Matrix.

·  Establish a Cost and Resource Loaded Project Plan, which enables Activity based Scheduling.

·  Establish clear roles and responsibilities for all project stakeholders based on the requirements as defined in the RFP.

·  Introduce NT’s customised process driven PM methodology.


    Deployment QA


    To quality assure network build and installations, site inspections will be carried out throughout the implementation lifecycle. The purpose of the inspection is to verify and quality check compliance with requirements of the installations and related provisions. The inspection reports will also be used for network asset verification, As-Built, and asset management purposes.  


    The planning for daily network supervision and inspections will be discussed and agreed with the client and the Vendor(s). To ensure full compliance with quality criteria and contract deliverables, the following will be included as part of the day to day supervision and inspection tasks: 


    ·  Verification of Compliance of contractor works with the approved schedule, technical specifications and contract conditions.

    ·  Supervision of site works and activities.

    ·  Submission of weekly and monthly progress reports. And immediate recording and reporting of the Contractor infringements.

    ·  Review of the Vendor’s issues and recommend solutions or actions.

    ·  Provision of technical advice as relevant to the conduct of supervision tasks.

    ·  Review of the Contractor’s work standards.

    ·  Tracking and monitoring of the site work progress and quality.

    ·  Coordination of system test dates with the vendor.

    ·  Network Inventory and related documentations.

    ·  Planning and coordination of Acceptance testing and related documentations