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Design Review

Our design Review services include review of all Construction Contractors civil, electrical, mechanical, protection and communication design submittals including validation of detailed design calculation, structural design and analysis, review of construction drawings, installation details, etc. Our team ensures that all design details submitted by Construction Contractors Comply with the client’s requirement specified in the contracted  scope of work and technical specifications of the Construction Contracts and Client’s engineering standards, material standard specification and construction standards. We regularly review all proposed materials and Purchase Orders submitted by Construction Contractors, ensuring that the proposed material comply with the client’s requirements specified in the Construction Contract, Client’s Material Standards Specifications and relevant international standards. Based on the contract terms and approved design, NT’s service include validation of the type and quality of material delivered to the Construction Contractors work sites and the type and quantity of the elements that have been installed. Also as part of the overall project document control, our team prepares, communicates and archives design records and associated approvals throughout the contract duration.