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Network Audit & Operations

Network Audit and Operations


Norconsult Telematics provides Network Audit and Operations Services covering the entire Network lifecycle encompassing technical, operational, business and organizational aspects. Our Audit Services are applied to Mobile Network Operators, Mission Critical Network Operators and Broadband Network Operators at any stage of their lifecycle.

Often service-impacting quality issues at the network level have easily identifiable technical remedies, but more importantly are symptoms of problems with business priorities, governance, contractual relationships and organization structure that need to be addressed at a much higher level. Failure to identify and address these issues results in repeated failings at the network and operations level, resulting in escalating costs and degrading service quality. Norconsult Telematics’ extensive knowledge and experience working closely with Mobile Network Operators across the Globe, combined with our deep technical knowledge, gives us a rare ability to discover systemic and structural problems in an operator’s organization or across business functions based on both bottom-up and top-down analysis.


Our Approach


There is no ‘1-size-fits-all’ for Audits. Norconsult Telematics’ approach to developing an audit service proposition starts with developing a detailed understanding of the client requirements. We then apply our knowledge across all network domains and business functions to design an audit program that meets the client’s requirements and enables the analysis required to deliver the insights the client needs to take tactical and strategic decisions.


Typical audit programs may include one or more of the following areas:

· Site Installation Quality

· Network Build Process Management and Governance

· Power Systems Design, Implementation and Operations Review

· CapEx Efficiency – Benchmarking of CapEx Utilization

· OpEx Efficiency – Identify High OpEx and High TCO cost drivers

· PMO Effectiveness – People, Processes and Tools

· E2E Service Quality Benchmarking

· Network Design Strategy and Capability

· Network Operations Processes and Capabilities

· Outsourced Network Operations Governance

· Network Optimization Strategy, Processes and Tools

· Spectrum Efficiency and re-farming feasibility

· Network Asset Due Diligence

· Assessment of Network Investment Requirements

· Technology Business Case Development

· Network Consolidation and Network Sharing studies – technical, financial, legal


Although the possible scope of an audit may be very broad, some examples of Norconsult Telematics’ Audit Services are described below:


Power Systems Audit and Optimization


In our experience millions of dollars are wasted from investment in power solutions that are over-engineered, with millions more wasted in energy bills feeding passive and active network equipment with energy unnecessarily.

High power costs are often neglected during the original network specification. Running costs are unaccountable amidst the inaccuracies of databases post acceptance; this means that both CAPEX and OPEX are higher than should be giving overall increased Total Cost of Ownership.

Norconsult Telematics (NT) brings an independent view to Power Solutions design and using custom analysis tools, real power experts and has no vendor bias allowing us to offer a tailored programme of work to:

· Review Current Site Designs

· Optimising Power Solution on a Per Site Basis

· Recommend Cost Saving Strategies

· Implement Power Solutions Across the Network

· Reduce Costs and Measure Success