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In addressing the effective management of project execution, NT’s PMO works with public sector organisations and government agencies to specify, manage and report on program deliverables. For more than four decades, NT has had program and project management at its core. We have managed numerous large scale national projects, driven the adoption of global project management standards in clients’ environments, and accrued a vast amount of industry-domain knowledge.


This experience has played a central role in the development of our PMO service as a customizable and value driven solution. Our PMO service often complements client’s Project Management Office to become a more strategic element of their operations by focusing on control, organizational change management and stakeholder engagement, facilitating a more responsive client organisation.


Product of years of successful project delivery and management experience, NT’s PMO model is a best practice approach that enables public sector organisations and agencies to define, transform, measure and deliver a standardized model to achieve successful delivery of projects.

In summary, the practical benefits of our PMO service are:

· Actionable and prioritised recommendations, based on identifying root causes in performance gaps

· Developing roadmap / plan to give clear guidance on how to implement the improvement recommendations

· Flexible approach to scope, so that emerging areas of priority can be assessed in more detail where required

· Organisational development recommendations articulated through consultation, collaboration and focus on addressing key themes for improvement

· Clearly articulated opportunities for improvement, prioritised to achieve the required capability to deliver the project successfully.

· A process improvement plan, presenting a clear way to develop the missing / incomplete processes that can be adopted for efficiency and productivity.


PMO Service Delivery


Effective governance of a project is fundamental to successfully delivery and alignment with client strategy. Defining governance arrangements early and comprehensively creates clear roles and responsibilities at all levels and allows for effective and timely decision making throughout the duration of the project. We work with government agencies and public sector organisations to:


·  Engage senior management, and identify interfaces and reporting structure;

·  Ensure project objectives are understood by all stakeholders;

·  Advise and recommend to client senior management project decision making approach including escalation, reviews and signoff requirements;

·  Establish a change control processes and procedures;

·  Propose the most appropriate governance forums and meetings 

·  Develop efficient reporting and management information for effective monitoring;


Developing effective project plan


Plans are at the heart of project delivery; they bring together delivery teams which are often comprised of people and organisations that are not used to working together, and provide the detailed milestone map for the project life cycle. NT’s PMO service ensures that the program master plans is a living documents which must be constantly updated and referenced during program delivery; and that plans must be realistic, achievable, understood and bought into by key stakeholders and suppliers.


We establish the plan to cover the delivery of the desired project outcomes. We work with clients to:

· Develop robust, resource-balanced delivery plans which set out an efficient route to delivering agreed scope and associated outcomes, identify the key milestones,                 recognize dependencies and illustrate the critical path.

· Generate multiple views of plans that are appropriate for their use and audience.

· Once the delivery plan is agreed and accepted, establish the baseline against which the status will be measured and reported.

· Maintain and manage plans to reflect the project environment, by managing risks, issues, changes to budget and scope.

· Deliver against a plan by making sure that the appropriate resources, information and direction is provided to the project team, and that reporting and governance allows timely decisions to be made.


Change Control


NT’s PMO Change Control and Management is a process for providing assurance and validation that the changes (proposed or imposed) are in line with the overall program objectives. With appropriate assessment of the impact on scope, cost and timelines, it focuses the effort in delivering the program.


Our team shall ensure that the Change Control Process is designed to: 

· Tailor and implement good practice change control to the specific project needs;

· Minimise bureaucracy around change control to respond swiftly to the changing requirements, timescale, or priorities

· Establish a suitable level of governance to allow effective and timely decision making with respect to changes;

· Assess the impact of changes on time, budget, quality and benefits; and

· Control, approve and communicate changes and secure / audit compliance with the process


PMO’s initial tasks


Our team will begin by assessing the project‘s current state to identify problem areas, then perform a root cause analysis to propose solutions for rapid recovery and correction.


For on-going government projects where there may be major delays and missed milestone, our senior experts will identify alternative project approaches and strategies to help recover the project investments and timelines. The approach includes remedies to resolve issues such as:


· Fixing and sustaining scope

· Clearly defining expectations

· Defining tasks and milestones

· Ensure that the lack of coordination and focus amongst involved departments are resolved

· Defining post implementation benefits


The above tasks, in the context of overall project assurance, have a significant role in helping our clients navigate the risks of the project to enable the execution of their strategies successfully. Our team will quickly and effectively identify the risks and areas for improvement in projects under our PMO management. In particular, our project assurance will identify:


· The interdependencies with other running projects

· Ensuring business ownership and accountability is clear.

· Propose governance to support effective benefits realisation


Communication Management 


Specifically for government and public sector projects, preparing the project communication plan is vital in identifying internal and external stakeholders and enhances communication among all parties involved in the project. Our PMO develops the communication plan to ensure that an effective communication strategy is built into the project delivery process. The plan is a framework and should be a living, evolving document that can be revised when appropriate. The communication plan is part of the project management plan and essentially addresses the following questions:


·  Who needs what information?

·  When do they need the information?

·  Who delivers the information?

·  How should the information be delivered?


While all projects share the need to communicate project information, the specific information needs and the methods of distribution may vary widely.


Finance and Budget Control


In line with specific government agencies working practices, NT’s PMO service includes establishing the budget and associated policies, processes and reporting standards for effective cost control, project financial management and reporting. Our clients benefit from NT’s experienced Project Control team that has specialist skills in business cases, NPV analysis, and asset capitalisation. As part of the PMO and based on the agreed scope, we often establish project costs and financial management processes, including cost control and reporting as well as project financial policies and procedures with an aim to provide accurate visibility on financial performance.


NT’s Cost control as part of the overall PMO, and in conjunction with the client’s finance team, includes establishing, managing and reporting on the project budget. We work with clients to:


· Establish project costs and run financial management processes, including cost control and reporting.

· Establish project financial policies and procedures, working in close collaboration with the client’s finance function.

· Provide visibility on financial performance of the project.

· Implement effective cost management techniques such as Earned Value (EV) processes and related analysis.