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Network Planning and Engineering

Network Planning and Engineering


Norconsult Telematics Network Planning and Engineering Consultancy Services support the key phases of the Network lifecycle. We deliver value by combining the expertise and experience of our people with purpose-made tools and best practice processes.


Our Approach

Upgrading, modernizing or evolving a mobile network is complex undertaking and entails numerous technical, operational and organizational challenges. We support our clients by bringing the right expertise at the right time to address these challenges, based on decades of experience working with Mobile Network Operators both large and small, and in mature as well as emerging markets.


We have recently managed very large LTE Network Rollouts in some of the world’s densest mobile broadband markets, and have managed major network modernization programs.


Our Network Planning and Engineering Services Include:


Network Planning and Design:

· Initial business planning and scenario analysis.

· Multi-Technology Network Planning and Detailed Design.

· Spectrum Carving/Re-farming.

· RF planning, design and layer management.

· Audit and implementation of enhanced planning methodologies and capabilities


Service Quality Benchmarking:

· Development of benchmarking methodologies and delivery of Service Quality Benchmarking services.

· Development and implementation of benchmarking capabilities, reflecting customer experience.


Network Optimization:

· Performance Audits, Root Cause Analysis, reporting and recommendations.

· Development of operator capability to evaluate and optimize network performance.

· Pre- and post-launch optimization services.

· Specify and implement advanced optimization systems and platforms.


Our Added Value

Norconsult Telematics has gained extensive experience of Mobile and Fixed network operations through decades of close cooperation with some of the world’s most advanced Operator. We uniquely combine Business, Commercial and Operational experience with deep technical expertise and practical know-how.


In addition, Norconsult project services delivery is supported by a suite of in-house Project Management, Process Management and Quality Assurance tools.


These tools enhance our services capability and form an important part of our value proposition by enabling:

· The consistent application of project management, engineering best practices and know-how.

· Project visibility, efficiency, control and reporting accuracy.


LTE Network Design and Planning

Norconsult Telematics LTE Network Design Services


Norconsult Telematics LTE Network Design and Planning Services address the key phases of the LTE Network Planning process. Norconsult draws on extensive experience of establishing network design processes, delivering designs and managing complex network design programs for global operators, as well as auditing design processes and organizational capabilities. Norconsult Telematics understands the importance of translating business objectives into design requirements, and managing evolution of requirements through the design process.

Nominal Planning and High Level Design Services Include:

· Market scenario planning and due diligence.

· Technology strategy planning, and network evolution planning.

· Audit of high level designs against business objectives.

· Audit, evaluation and establishment of network planning capability, implementation and set-up of planning tools.

· Production of LTE RF Nominal Plans, high level network designs and capacity plans.

· Engineering analysis of site consolidation and network sharing scenarios.

· Design of macro, micro, small-cell and IBS.

· Core and IP/MPLS network planning.

· Acceptance process setup and KPI definition.


Detailed Network Design Services Include:

· Definition of site design standards, and preparation of detailed site designs, including passive and active equipment. Antenna specification and site design for high           performance and PIM (passive intermodulation) mitigation.

· Site surveys, site selection and RF site design verification.

· RF modelling and design optimization using ACP techniques, and measurement-based traffic analysis for design input.

· Baseline RF parameter template definitions, traffic management and layer management.

· Backhaul transmission planning.

· Change management, change control and performance impact assessment.