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Program Management

In addressing the effective management of project execution, NT’s PMO works with client’s business function to specify, manage and report on assigned projects. For more than four decades, NT has had project management at its core. We have managed numerous large scale national projects, driven the adoption of global project management standards, and accrued a vast amount of client and industry-domain knowledge.


This experience has played a central role in the development of our PMO service as a customizable and value driven solution. Our PMO service often complements client’s Project Management Office to become a more strategic element of their business by focusing on control, organizational change management and stakeholder engagement, facilitating a more responsive client organisation.


The product of years of successful project delivery and management experience, NT’s PMO model is a best practice approach that enables our clients’ organisation to define, transform, measure and deliver a standardized model to achieve successful delivery of the projects.

Our PMO service is designed primarily for industry sectors of Telecom, IT and Defence but is equally applicable to other verticals such as Power and Government Ministries. In summary, the practical benefits of our PMO service are:


·  Actionable and prioritised recommendations, based on identifying root causes in performance gaps

·  Developing roadmap / plan to give clear guidance on how to implement the improvement recommendations

·  Flexible approach to scope, so that emerging areas of priority can be assessed in more detail where required

·  Organisational development recommendations articulated through consultation, collaboration and focus on addressing key themes for improvement

·  Clearly articulated opportunities for improvement, prioritised to achieve the required capability to deliver the project successfully.

·  A process development and improvement plan, presenting a clear way to address the missing / incomplete processes that can be adopted for efficiency and productivity.