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Project Control

NT’s Project Control includes multiple disciplines related to Scheduling, Reporting and Cost Control. It is closely linked to our Construction Management activities and includes the following main tasks:


·   QA Function: Maintain Quality Control Processes for the project and monitor all functions are aware and execute the approved processes ensuring that workmanship               conform to the client’s standards. Ensure that the processes are continuously evaluated and improved so that the quality and progress of work is in compliance with the         requirements specified in the Construction Contracts.

·   Construction Schedule: Monitor Construction Contractors’ work schedule. Review Contractors plans related to civil, electrical, mechanical, protection and communication         implementations.

·   Material Management: Follow up and determine the adequacy as well as the availability of materials and supply to meet the Construction Contractors’ work Schedule. As         part of the Risk management, NT team shall also suggest appropriate corrective actions to the Construction Contractors if the material delivery or the quality requirements     of the Construction Contracts are not being met. Monitor the Procurement procedure of material and spares and reflect any changed in the overall plan

·   Progress and Status Reporting: Provide accurate and up-to-date project reporting based on templates agreed with all stakeholders. The progress reports include the                 pertinent data to so that appropriate analysis can be carried out. NT shall work with client’s management and the construction contractor to reflect status, construction           issues, risk log and related analysis and recommendation. The reports also identify priority areas and construction task dependencies, progress of work, Material                       deliveries, and technical issues identified in the course of the construction.

·   Cost Management: This includes preparation and reporting on the project’s running cost and provide regular feedback and verification of the Contractor’s Material Supply       Report. NT team shall also review and process payments of monthly invoices (including material and construction) of works covered by change orders or amendments as       well as the regular payments as submitted by Construction Contractors. NT’s Cost Management reports includes project’s running expenditures and variance between             actual and forecasted budget.