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Project Finance & Control

Project financial control is a key function is any network deployment program. NT’s end to end process is presented to the client and necessary customisation is carried out in agreement with client’s financial organisation. It is often the case that Vendor invoices are complex and error-prone in a large-scale deployment. The number and complexity of invoices from multiple activities - each with their own billing formats, As-Built and BoQs, create financial control and invoice processing challenges. NT project financial control processes have been developed to meet the challenges and provides efficient and consistent processing of project financial data.


As invoice control is at the heart of project financial management, our team shall check and validate submitted invoices. Regular sessions with the Vendor(s) are necessary to improve the process with an aim to self-correct errors before the invoice is issued, resulting in payables being processed quickly, efficiently, and at a much lower cost. As part of the project financial reporting, we typically include:


·  Outstanding invoices

·  Overall financial reporting and tracking

·  Invoice non-comformitites detected


NT’s project financial control service provides a control mechanism for the invoices and capex, providing an automated process for verification and cross referencing. NT regularly provides, in collaboration with our project tools, network deployment financial management on large scale deployments. Our project financial management and invoice control processes are tailored to the client’s environment which will provide several tangible benefits including: 


·  Increased Efficiencies: Significant time is saved when invoices are processes in conjunction with data from project tools including verified As-Built and Acceptance results

·  Error Reduction: Validation rules configured into our tool’s invoicing solutions flag errors at the time of submission and prompt vendor to correct them.

·  Faster Settlement: Shorten the invoice processing and approval cycle. 

·  Improved Visibility: Our clients have real-time access to invoice and payment status from the PMCS interface, providing for quicker handling of reconciliation.

·  Better budget analysis and forecasting: Reduces uncertainties and providing uptodate invoicing data with regards to capitalised assets feeding into Fixed Asset Register.

·  Quicker Dispute Resolution: Faster and more accurate communication with Vendor(s) on disputed invoices at any time, providing supporting/backup documentation as needed, making dispute resolution a collaborative process as well as accelerating resolution.