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Sector & Services

Norconsult Telematics has developed an attractive range of services which we offer across various industry sectors, and at times we have established professional partnerships to meet specific customer requirements. Our experience from managing large-scale telecommunications expansion projects, has been applied to the oil & gas, energy and civil engineering sectors.

Alone or with carefully selected partners, we offer consulting services within planning and design, project management, risk assessment, project audit, project supervision, technology audit, procurement management, and more. Norconsult Telematics will lend its expertise to plan, develop and maintain both new and existing solutions.

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop some of the most mature project support platforms which have been honed through their use with our international clients..  These are tools that are used day-in and day-out to manage projects progress, control,  project quality and all related procsses.  We make these available for use on projects as we believe that they are some of the best in the business.