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Strategy Development

Norconsult Strategic Development experts support public sector organizations to answer their questions on how to fulfil their vision and mission taking into account the constraints of political and environmental changes, budget reductions and of course the end customer expectations. Norconsult assist to the development of a clear strategy roadmap that will balance the needs and priorities of diverse stakeholders.

Amongst other, Norconsult area of support are:


· Development of strategies and project portfolios and deciding which strategic focus areas and projects offer the greatest impact,

· Development of shared view of where organizations are now, assessing the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, external environment, and available opportunities,

· Assessing the effectiveness of existing governance approaches and structuring organizations to achieve objectives while engaging critical stakeholders,

· Understanding and applying best practices from other regions to inform localized strategies,

· Prioritizing and selecting individual initiatives and programs to ensure mission consistency, alignment with central government strategies and financial feasibility,

· Development of governance structures that standardize procedures and guidelines across public sector organizations to ensure impact, effective management, and                 productive board governance relationships